We are Get Into Bedford and since 2011 we have developed our Events, PR and Social Media company which now retains many long term clients, from both the corporate and private sector.



We know that real competitive advantage comes from a combination of smart thinking and creativity that actually means something to you and your business. That’s why we work with you to develop and bring to life your project, event or marketing strategy.

We believe in delivering cost-effective solutions that really add value to your brand, event or project.



We can manage your Social Media focusing on increasing brand awareness and engagement, developing marketing strategies which resonate with your target audience or help you in creating a positive client image, building a relationship between your brand and the public.

We can communicate with your target audience directly or indirectly through all media outlets including print media.

We can take your vision and create the event that you want your way.

We can do all this under one roof!


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